Cum Eating Instruction Featuring Miko Starr

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 44/mb
Cum Eating Instruction Featuring Miko Starr

Cum Eating Instruction Featuring Miko Starr Miko Starr knows how to get guys horny an act like she is really enjoying it, but let’s keep it real, the guys on my site are mostly losers, and we would never ENJOY it. Amuse us and make us laugh at you is more like it! I let Miko know that you fags, aren’t worthy of us, that you are lowlifes who are probably virgin’s living in your mothers basement. Miko laughs at you, an agrees with me. you are indeed, complete tools. I let Miko in on a little secret, you losers, do everything an anything I ask you to. Miko tries this out, while laughing at you and instructing you to take your dick out of your pants, so she can get a good laugh at you beating off. I can’t help but laugh along, an throw in some demands for you to do for our amusement. Miko lets you know how she wants you to jerk off and she does a great job, I think she will make you feel ineduquite like you should. However, her bitch reflex isn’t as strong as mine. So I finish you off with a visual demonstration on how you should cum into your mouth, Miko points and laughs at your faggot ass, and can’t believe you really do this stuff. Hard to believe at first that guys can be such doormats! We throw our heads back with laughter at the fool you are for jerking off to us and then eating your own cum! Warning: only for the losers who can take the humilation from 2 hot chicks at once! ***If you like this clip, you will love the others! Check out the DVD store for our "Cum Eating Instructional’s Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3"***

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