Cum for breakfast – Quicktime Small

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 42/mb
Cum for breakfast - Quicktime Small

You perverted little wanker, the first thing you do in the morning is masturbate thinking of me isn’t it? Well i want to make sure that you are thinking of me all day long. I want you to have a reminder of me in your mouth throughout the day. So this morning i want you carry out your depraved wanking routine as normal, but this morning i want you to cum onto a plate and lick every last drop off it. I want you to be reminded throughout the day of what a deranged twisted cum eating faggot you are. I want the tangy taste of your own pathetic cum to remain in your mouth wherever you go and whatever you do. I want you to be under no illusion that you are a normal healthy guy, i want you to fully acknowledge the fact that you are a cum craved fag slag. From now on this is the only way you masturbate in the morning. Now get yourself a plate and wank to my instruction.

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