No more toothpaste Use your cum from now on

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 184/mb
No more toothpaste Use your cum from now on

You’re so predictable, I know the first thing you do in the morning is jerk off. Well from now on your going to be doing it the way i want. I’ve got lots of creative ideas to humiliate you and encourage you to eat your own cum for me, but here’s a new one. Get your ass in the bathroom, and jerk your pathetic cock off thinking of gorgeous me. I want your cock in one hand and your toothbrush in the other. Now jerk off over that toothbrush bitch. I want all of your cum in those bristles! Now get brushing! Brush brush brush those teeth with your own cum! I want you to have the taste of cum in your mouth all day as a reminder to yourself of what a cum eating slut you are, and a reminder of sweet ME. Do this twice a day for me faggot. Morning and night!

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