Clip Time: 30 Minutes Clip Size: 880/mb

Get those fucking pants down and your cock out because your going to smoke a big cigar with me, light it and re-light it with me… hit it every time I hit it… exhale when I do or tell you to… driving all that smoke deep into your lungs, deep into your hard cock and deep inside your fucking cum-loving balls all while I make you do naughty things like slide the tip of your cock along side your cigar getting your pre-cum on your cigar while you smoke it in and stroke that cock all for me… I’ll let you spray your cum good and hard all over my tits if you eat n smoke your fucking cum really well for me!… after I let you nut your hard cock I’m going to make you eat and lick up every drop of cum that shot all over my tits from those cigar-intoxicated balls between while you continue to stroke your spent cock… all while I continue to smoke my cigar! – 30 MIN WMV Widescreen Format

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