Thick Creamy Dinner

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 125/mb
Thick Creamy Dinner

Would you like to cum for my ass? I bet you do! Are you hungry? I bet you are! If I show you my asshole, will you cum the way I tell you? I bet you will! Don’t you want to make me happy? Then follow my instructions, pig! Stroke your cock while you stare at my ass. If I just had 2 black guys bust in my asshole, would you suck it all out? Or are you not that dirty? Well you will be soon! Jerk for my ass, as I train you. The more you stroke, and the more I instruct, the more you realize you crave a mouthful. Well, I’ll give you a mouthful that’s for sure. No dinner utensils needed for this meal! ;)

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