Double Cum Shot – WMV FORMAT

Clip Time: 3 Minutes Clip Size: 16/mb
Double Cum Shot - WMV FORMAT

This is a clip of a double cum shot. In this foursome, the camera girl gets a load of cum in her mouth at the same time as the other guy shoots his load over the face of the other girl on the bed. The man, of the couple who are filming and watching the other couple on the bed, needs to cum and at the same time the guy on the bed is ready to cum. The girl on the bed tells the guy who is watching to put his load in a cup but it was too late and he shoots his load in the mouth of the camera girl. She shouts OMG I got a load of cum in my mouth, I am not drinking it. Meanwhile the girl on the bed gets a facial cum shot and with her face full of cum she tells the other girl to spit her cum in a glass. The girl on the bed plays with her cum rubbing it into her mouth. Then from the other guy she takes his glass of cum and swallows both loads.

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