Ebony and Ivory

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Ebony and Ivory

Honey, you know how you’ve been hinting at how hot it would be for me to wrap my lips around another mans cock? How you fantasize about me going out with the girls but coming home tasting like another mans cum? Well I know I act like that’s just crazy and I quickly change the subject but I’ve actually been thinking about it. A lot really. Fantasizing almost as much as you do I would guess. So tonight, while we were at the bar someone flirted with me a little and I flirted back. As the night went on the flirting became more intense . I told him your fantasy. He smiled and said come with me. We went to his hotel room where he undressed me to my bra and panties. He took my phone and told me to drop to my knees. I smiled and he took off his belt. He laid back on the bed and I wrapped my lips around his cock knowing that as it grew he held my phone in place to record every moment for your eyes to enjoy. So baby would you like to watch our video while I suck your cock with his cum still on my lips? I really do hope you enjoy because I think I could get used to this lifestyle. Oh and do you remember your other fantasy of me sucking a BBC? Well…

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